Cheesy Pav Bhaji Magic

Cheesy Pav Bhaji Magic

Planning to have a fantastic Kids birthday party at home? Let Cookifi’s Specialized Chefs take charge of your kitchen and food. Let them surprise you, your guests and your kids with their new inventions in the old food item itself. The yummy-licious dishes are surely gonna be a
super hit !


Corn Cheese Balls

<p>These are a sure shot hit,something you would not realise when its gone.Crispy corn balls are filled a cheese cube each. Deep fried till golden brown. A bit into the cheese center is sure to make you go YuMmmm. (Serves 3 pieces in 1 portion)</p>

Vegetable Cheese sandwich

<p>Filled with the goodness of veggies &amp; cheese. Enjoy your brunch with this creamy and crunchy veggie &amp; cheese sandwiches! A classic breakfast option to prepare the creamy and moist sandwich packed with good spread of nutrients, required to rush into the day!</p>

Main Course

Pav Bhaji

<p>One of the most favorite fast food dishes that comes straight from the streets of Aamchi Mumbai is Pav Bhaji.The melted butter on pav does its magic.Its Tangy when topped with lemon juice,making it the perfect chatka dish. You can also have a live counter set up for the same.(Serves 150 grams of Bhaji and 2 Pavs in 1 portion)</p>