FAQ – Pricing

Cookifi prices are determined by a number of factors. The Menu selected by you will be priced according to the dishes that you select and the number of people expected. 

At Cookifi we do not charge per plate. We charge consolidated price as per menu selected & no. of people which includes the ingredients, cooking cost, transportation cost & taxes.

There is no single base price in Cookifi. The price depends solely on what you select in your menu. A basic 3 course Veg Menu cost starts from around Rs. 350 and a Non- Veg Menu starts from around Rs. 400. 

Cookifi believes in eat fresh and hygienic philosophy. All our Ingredients are freshly procured. We use only branded and best quality products which are sourced fresh. So you can be rest assured, everything on your plate is unadulterated pure goodness.

The transportation & taxes are included in the grand total of your order value. We charge taxes at 18% s per outdoor catering. 

Cookifi provides add on services like Bartender, Steward, Premium set up like bone china plates, glasses etc. You can add the items in your menu & change the quantity as per what you require & view its price.

Prices differ from cuisine to cuisine. Indian dishes use ingredients that are easily available, and so that is reflected in the price. But our wide range of delicacies from the Mexican, Continental, Thai, Italian and Chinese require far-fetched ingredients to give authentic taste.

Cookifi provides veg food for total no. of people as non vegetarians eat veg food too. Vegetraian food is charged for all. Non veg is calculated as per no. of people mentioned in non veg column & is charged as per no. of non vegetarians only.


You can see the price of a live counter by creating a menu on the site and selecting your preferred live counter- Dosa, Chaats, Pasta or Pizza. Price includes set up of live counter & equipment that we get. Live counters are so unique and lively because dishes are customizable and you can choose what goes into your food.

So, let the kiddies choose the perfect veggies for their pizza toppings and the shape of pasta, they like. Less spice, more sauce. Sounds good! Your food, your way.

Kids below 5 years are not charged. However above 5 years you can count them. You can also let us know the split of kids & adults so we can assist you better.