Pasta Pirates

Pasta Pirates

Give a trip to your kid and your guests to Italian cuisine with the combination of perfect flavors and spices along with the varieties of lip smacking food items. With Cookifi’s specialized chefs, you can now be the happiest hosts serving flavorsome delicacies of Italy right at your place. Kids’ favorites’ pasta and pizza live counters will be the new and perfect experience to your guests on your kid’s birthday party.



<p>A well known antipasto that began as simply as a slice of bread, rubbed with olive oil and toasted by farmers in harder times. But this "toast" has come a long way-now transformed into countless recipes and worldwide popularity which can be tasted with Cookifi Chefs. (Serves 2 pieces in 1 portion)</p>

Corn Cheese Balls

<p>These are a sure shot hit,something you would not realise when its gone.Crispy corn balls are filled a cheese cube each. Deep fried till golden brown. A bit into the cheese center is sure to make you go YuMmmm. (Serves 3 pieces in 1 portion)</p>

Main Course

Pizza Live counter

<p>Individual pizzas make a scrumptious snack or appetizer. Kids love pizzas Children at the party will be delighted with the Make-your-own mini pizzas corner. Innovative &amp; very attractive for kids birthday parties. (Serves 1 piece in 1 portion)</p>

Pasta Counter Veg

<p>Pasta counter gives you assortment of fusilli in Arabiatta sauce or Penne in Alfredo. Make your own Veggie pasta with choice of toppings like babycorn, carrot, beans, 3 types of bell peppers. The best part is your guest can enjoy a freshly prepared &amp; hot served maincourse.</p>



<p>Summers call for a truly refreshing drink.With all the health benefits of freshly plucked green mint leaves and tangy lime.juice, the drink is always a favorite to rise up your spirits.Crushed ice gets blended with sprite, a sweet colored mojito is added and topped with mint leaves (Serves 200 ml in 1 portion)</p>