Classic Barbeque

Classic Barbeque

A backyard barbeque party is the perfect way to spend time with family and friends during the chilling winters. You can host a BBQ for a special occasion or just as an excuse to have fun outdoors. With an endless amount of barbeque party dishes to make your party the talk of the town.

(Barbeque grill required at the venue)


Paneer Tikka

<p>Paneer with the marination of yogurt, onion-chili paste on a traditional grill will take you on a tour to the world of spicy and delicious (Serves 100 grams in 1 portion)</p>

Herb Garlic Potatoes

<p>The humble jacket potato breaks the mould when it comes to comfort food. Delicious, substantial and versatile, it&rsquo;s a party time dish to keep you full for hours.</p>

Grilled Mushroom

<p>Mushroom Tikka with Indian Spices, a healthy and protein rich tandoori dish made from button mushrooms. This dish gives delicious taste &amp; fresh flavor.</p>

Malai Chicken Tikka

<p>Chicken Malai Tikka is made with small breast pieces of chicken marinated for a few hours with malai or cream mixed with Indian herbs and spices, rolled over skewers with onions and then cooked</p>

Tandoori Prawns

<p>Tandoori Prawns is a delicious Indian recipe served as a Starter. This indian appetizer is grilled which lends it a flavour of spicy, smoky, crunchy outside &amp; juicy inside</p>

Grilled Fish Tikka

<p>Fish tikka to make healthy, delicious and a great starter, made with fish, fish fillets marinated with spices and yoghurt.</p>


Vegetable Biryani

<p>An authentic vegetable biryani is always slow cooked.This dum style cooking brings the biriyani its uniqueness and originality.Layered authentic biryani,eye pleasing colors and the wonderfully layered onion with spices is sure to bring in hunger drives.(Serves 200 grams in 1 portion)</p>


Panna cotta

<p>A chilled dessert made with cream and often milk simmered with sugar and flavorings like vanilla or fruit sauce. Best option for dessert when choosing a continental menu for your house party.</p>