Classic European

Classic European

Perfect Family feast is simply sharing delicious food with loved ones! The whole day revolves around food. These Hearty chicken dishes with quick snacks items & a yummy dessert to just enrich your experience.


Glorious Pumpkin Soup

<p>Creamy roasted pumpkin soup flavoured with rosemary garnished with olive oil. A tasty &amp; a healthy dish.</p>


Corn Cheese Balls

<p>These are a sure shot hit,something you would not realise when its gone.Crispy corn balls are filled a cheese cube each. Deep fried till golden brown. A bit into the cheese center is sure to make you go YuMmmm. (Serves 3 pieces in 1 portion)</p>

Cheese Cucumber Swirls

<p>Here&rsquo;s fun appetizers that gives a change to your party menu from salted crackers, fat chips and other snacking temptations. Enjoy something healthier on your party. Cucumber strips stuffed with cream cheese.</p>

Cocktail Chicken Canape

<p>Cocktail Chicken Canape is a sweet and savoury finger food recipes to get your party started.</p>

Main Course

Chicken Roulade

<p>A flavor-packed Chicken Roulade will never fail to impress your dinner party guests. A perfect chicken main course for your party.</p>


Herbed rice

<p>The fresh herbs give an incredible flavor to rice.The aroma of herbs like parsley and basil add a very different flavour. (Serves 150 grams in 1 portion)</p>


Panna cotta

<p>A chilled dessert made with cream and often milk simmered with sugar and flavorings like vanilla or fruit sauce. Best option for dessert when choosing a continental menu for your house party.</p>


Green Apple Mojito

<p>An incredibly fruity combination of green apple, lime, mint and soda water. Perfect drink for your party while you chat with your friends.</p>