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8 Spices in your Kitchen with Medicinal Properties

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Ever wondered why your mom asked you to run and get some turmeric powder when your little sibling bruised himself? Or that your grandmother advised you to have a hot steaming cup of Ginger tea whenever you felt the symptoms of a sore throat? The point is, some natural ingredients in your kitchen can do, what your costly over the counter drugs can’t do. Here’s a look at some of the spices in your kitchen with medicinal properties:


Spices in your Kitchen with Medicinal Properties

Ginger is among the healthiest spices on the planet. It is loaded with nutrients and bioactive compounds that have powerful benefits for your body and brain. Ginger has been shown to be effective against exercise-induced muscle pain.




Spices in your Kitchen with Medicinal Properties

Turmeric is beneficial to the liver, helps digestion, and can ease arthritis and rheumatism. It is an immune booster that has been recommended for anti-cancer strategies. Turmeric also benefits hypertension and can help lower blood sugar levels. Mixed into warm milk, it is a classic remedy for joint and muscle pain.



Spices in your Kitchen with Medicinal Properties

Garlic benefits fevers and poor digestion, and it helps the liver and gallbladder. It also helps clear plaque from the arteries and balances or lowers blood pressure. For antibiotic and antiviral effects, it is best taken raw.

Here’s how you can use it in your Butter garlic prawns



Spices in your Kitchen with Medicinal Properties

Oregano leaf is another delicious medicinal food can be chewed or added to foods to improve digestion; it will also help clear phlegm from the lungs and digestive tract. Oregano is a strong antioxidant, which may reduce “bad” cholesterol. Use it in your Pasta to make them more flavorful.



Spices in your Kitchen with Medicinal Properties

Health benefits of mustard include relief from muscular pains and respiratory disorders. Since earlier times, different parts of the mustard plant have been proven beneficial in treating cancer, diabetes, and detoxification of the body. It has poison repelling qualities, exerts therapeutic effects on the nerves and helps maintain cardiac health.

It promotes healthy skin and hair, lowers cholesterol and is a wonderful botanical for women during menopause.


Spices in your Kitchen with Medicinal Properties

Carom also known as Ajwain is one of the most beneficial Spices in your Kitchen with Medicinal Properties. These little seeds help in maintaining your digestive health. They treat any kind of abdominal discomfort due to indigestion like stomach pain or burning sensation. It increases the appetite for those suffering from loss of appetite.

Black pepper

Spices in your Kitchen with Medicinal Properties

Black pepper is a powerful medicinal food that stimulates digestion and relieves gas. It is warming to the body and helps neutralize toxins when added to meat dishes. Add a few peppercorns to a medicinal decoction when you have a cold. You can also mix powdered black pepper with honey and eat it to help remove phlegm from your system.


Spices in your Kitchen with Medicinal Properties

Cinnamon regulates blood sugar levels and reduces your cholesterol levels. It aids your digestion and relieves your sinus congestion. If you have joints pain and need to get a definitive solution, then cinnamon is your holy grail.

There a lot many other Spices in your Kitchen with Medicinal Properties, like thyme, rosemary, and Honey. To reap the actual benefits out of your spices, opt for more organic produce and keep away from genetically modified produce. Happy eating!

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