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Mahro Rajasthan

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One of the very popular delicacies of the states of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. A traditional combination of spice and sweet with the aroma of pure ghee. When you hear the name, Rajasthan comes into your mind and you imagine men with those long moustaches wearing colorful turban on their head. Along with them, there are camels covering long distances, trying to reach the other end of the deserted area. And followed by the kids and women wearing vibrant colored ghagra choli dancing around the bonfire with their traditional music played in the background.

Rajasthan is the state of rich cultures and traditions. The people are best known for its hospitality, warmth and delicacies. And Dal Bati Churma is one of the main dishes of the state which is made either during a celebration or festivals or for special occasions.

Bati sigri

People who visits Rajasthan for the very first time and have no idea about what dal bati churma is, should never forget to have the well celebrated cuisine where they serve it with buttermilk known as Chhash. It takes around an hour to get the hot servings right on your table. The aroma itself will capture your mind making your fingers wanting to grab the bati dipping into the dal and letting the taste buds have its introduction to something really new flavorful.

With every bite of the dish, a wide smile touching till your eyes automatically takes its place and you’re bound to say “Wow!!” Along with its taste, Dal Bati Churma holds the essence of love and hospitality gestures which Rajasthan carries with much pride.

dal bati churma meal
Basically, the Dal is a gravy cooked with mixed lentils and spices whereas Bati refers to the whole wheat bread rolls which is being baked over charcoal as done in villages. The mere combination of these two items is served along with the churma, which is a sweet retreat of jaggery and sugar. And pure ghee is being used everywhere in the dish in every step to give an aromatic touch.

Dal Bati Churma is perfect for lunch or dinner. The serving of Bati dipped in pure ghee along with the spicy Dal, the sweet Churma and freshly made Chhash is a treat for every taste bud.

To savor the sacred taste of Dal Bati Churma, you need to use your hands since fingers are your best friend to relish this dish. You will see people dipping the bati in the dal and churma, but that’s boring. Start by smashing the Batis with your hands and break them into pieces on your plate, followed by mixing of the Churma and pouring in the Dal & spoonful of ghee on top.

You can also include Rava Laddoo, Rice, Pudina Chutney and Raw mango Chutney or pickle to the dish to give it a tangy twist. However, it fills in your hungry stomach perfectly and makes you fall in love.
And of course do not forget to have extra pure ghee on the mixture to add the aromatic magic getting onto your nostrils.



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  • Rajasthani Food
    February 7, 2017

    Such a nice blog, Daal Baati Choorma is a popular rajasthani food. I like to eat Daal Baati Choorma very much. Thanks for Sharing the it……..

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