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Say hello to summers with these Cool beverages

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Summers take away all the joy when it comes to the heat. Ah! The sun follows you everywhere.  Tired and thirsty, that’s how one feels every few minutes in this season.  Shall I step out or shall I not? – the question keeps boggling us.  As soon as we get home passing through the scorching heat, all that we need is a glass of refreshing beverage. The trick combination is to mix up health and taste in whatever goes down the throat. Here are some easy to make cool and succulent juices, smoothies, beverages you can count on to energize and refresh you.


Kiwi is the season’s fruit that has supreme taste and can be used to make a great summer time beverage. What’s to be done is in mix up kiwi crush, lemon juice, water/soda and sugar well. Once you have stirred it well, add crushed ice to it. Place a slice of the fruit at top and enjoy this cool beverage. 

Watermelon is the favorite summer fruit and it’s smoothie is just the perfect mix of nutrients and taste. It’s a natural source of rehydration and energy.  All you have to do is blend watermelon chunks, lime juice, mint leaves and ice according to what you desire. Bingo, serve yourself to beat the heat this summer with a quick smoothie.

We can do the tango all day long or should I say, all summer long. Orange is surely a great source of Vitamin C. To enjoy a cool drink, the first thing that is required is fresh oranges. Peel them off and make a juice out of it. Add some soda and ice to it. You may mint leaves to give it a minty touch. There you go , your cool beverage is ready.

The high on fibre beverage made by blending pomegranate , water , sugar syrup and berries /cherries to fill up a glass of chilled juice is one of the most protein filled summer drinks. It’s absolutely natural, low on fat and luscious. Berry provides it a tempting flavour.

Mango is the king of summer fruits. Who doesn’t wait for summers to relish this magic fruit.  Sweet and tasty is a perfect combination.  Apart from making fresh mango juices, smoothie , lemonade or shakes, another refreshing drink would be mango iced tea made with ripe mango puree and tea leaves.  For this tropical summer beverage all you have to do is strain black tea into a large pitcher, add lemon juice and chilled mango puree to mix well. Allow the flavors to meld. Garnish it with mint leaves and crushed ice.


Are you set for the summers with these handy and healthy beverages? simply prepare it at home within seconds.



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