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Make Healthy Food Choices

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Eat better, think positive, exercise more, feel good – that’s the cycle to a healthy and fit you. We all love an evening full of junk food. What if we ask you, who out of the two do you love more – yourself or these fancy high calories? We are sure you would choose the former. Let’s put our attention to the first portion of the cycle ‘’Eat healthy’’ make Healthy Food Choices. Chef’s at Cookifi are here with some delicious yet healthy alternatives to our favorite but tad baleful dishes and ingredients.

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Pizza is one Italian magic dish everyone craves for but we often ignore the calories and fat it carries. Chef’s suggest that you go for bases like veggie crusts which include cauliflower or eggplant along with toppings such as spinach, beans, capsicum or even tofu. This is absolutely gluten free and superior on taste.

The syrups and base used to make pancakes can be vividly low on health. Pancakes definitely leave us smiling but it’s time for us to make our tummy’s brighten up too and for the same chef’s at cookifi have come up with a rather fit-fine replacements to some pancake ingredients. Go for flour base and instead of syrup you must try bananas for the sweetness. Use golden raisins and oatmeal. You may add fresh blueberries for taste.

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PASTA THE THAI WAY – Clean Vegan Pad Thai.
Pasta is a giant treat to our taste buds and is super popular a dish. As we look for options to substitute it with pleasing health mixtures, what the chefs prefer is going the Thai way. What needs to be done is – blend ingredients like rice vinegar, tomato paste, soy sauce, and chili flakes and add zucchini noodles to it. You may as well top it with avocado.

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Mojitos , shakes are perfect to refresh ourselves but what’s even better as an option is Coconut water. Low in calories, naturally fat- and cholesterol free and a great hydrating drink right from the mother nature. It has a sweet taste and when chilled can turn your summer savior.

Book the skilled chefs to make healthy food choices and yummy alternatives. Give a chance for your bodies to thank you.

Happy eating !



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