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Tips for Hosting the perfect Family Gathering

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“The Love of a Family is life’s greatest blessing. ”

Our families are like our foundation, they keep us grounded and well connected. But lately due to our busy Workaholic lifestyle, we end up having no time for our families. We long for having a day with our beloved Aunts and cousins like we used to do in childhood.

Whether it is just you and your siblings or all of the cousins, aunts and in laws. Family reunions can become really challenging if not planned properly. There are things to be kept in mind like dates, venues, and entertainment options.

So here is a guide on how to plan a memorable and fun family reunion, without going crazy!

Plan the Event

A big event like Family reunion requires a lot of organizing. You want to check the availability of guests, decide on the perfect location like a clubhouse or your home, think of the food options, plan the day and date, and who all you are going to invite.  family

Make a Budget 

Usually during big functions like these your budget is bound to go out of hand. So better off prepare a sheet of expenses and allocate funds to the required items. The biggest expenses will be on Food and arrangements. family

Delegate activities

If you belong to the category of Big fat Indian families, then planning a reunion will be a mammoth task. It is better to divide the responsibilities and ask members of your family to help you out. family


Spread the word

Planning done? Its time now to send out the invites. Call or mail them. And give them a reminder two days before the event. be clear about the day and date or if they need any directions( this might be required if you have recently moved in to a new place).family

Spick and Span

A Well decorated venue will add the necessary charm to your party. If the party is at your home make sure to clean the house well, safely lock away your valuable and fragile items, and put on nice drapes and carpets. Scented candles are an added touch. If the party is at a clubhouse make sure to hire help and get it

Dress up 

With all the arrangement in hand, its now time for you to look good. Make sure you are dressed comfortably. Also if you like you can theme up your party. Ask the guest to dress according to the pre-decided theme, this will bring in a lot of fun. family

Jazz up the Menu

What do you plan on serving to your guests? Something Italian, Chinese or Mexican. Or stick to your usual yet delectable Paneer and Tandoori Chicken? Hire a reliable catering service to skip the mess of potluck and food preparation. Or with a service like Cookifi you can have specialty chefs come and cook for the gathering Live at the venue. family

Set up options for Entertainment

Don’t make it boring, spice up the party with games, jokes and a secret spilling session. Old members of the family can reminisce incidents that crack up every one. When everyone is jollying around play that CD with dance numbers. Dance with Aunties and sing with the little ones. family

Clean up

This is really important. Especially if it is at a club house. Every great party is sure to create a mess. And you must clean it before you leave. family

Thank Everyone for Coming

People have busy lives and if they have taken time out for you, then definitely you are special to them, Say thank you to everyone before they leave. family


So, when are you hosting the next family reunion?







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