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10 Welcome Drink Ideas for an Amazing House Party

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When you throw the next big and happening House Party, make sure the tired guests get an instant touch of refreshment. Offer your folks a perfect chilled Welcome Drink, so that it will instantly energize them and set the mood right for the party.

Welcome drinks can be a hard choice, as everyone’s preference will be different. Some like thick Smoothies while a few others will opt for lighter options like Mojitos and Cool Blue. When you have the task of keeping everybody happy, things can get a little out of hand. Make sure there are more than a few choices so that no one is disappointed.

So when there is still time for the Main-course to roll, and you want to keep your guests all chatty and busy, you can serve them these drinks. Here are a few choices you can evaluate and decide on a perfect set of Welcome Drinks to please your guests.

1. Crushes

Crushes are pre-prepared thick fruit containing syrups which are diluted with water, in order to prepare the drink. Usually, chilled water or soda is added to a tumbler containing the crush liquid. a good option that is like by many people is the Strawberry crush.

welcome drink

Kiwi crush, made from tangy kiwis (see: kiwi fruit)  is also a nice twist to the regular mango/ orange juices.

welcome drink

Cool Blue is a crush made from curacao syrup and is extremely beautiful to look at because of its peaceful and tranquil color. Garnished with Mint and a slice of lemon, these drinks make for lovely party drinks.

welcome drink

2. Mojitos

Mojitos are basically Lime and Mint Cocktails, but for the alcohol conscious, a Mocktail version is also available. the constituents being aerated soda, water, sugar, lime juice, crushed ice, and salt. Green Apple Mojito is a variant which has Green apple crush as the Prime ingredient.

welcome drink

3. Smoothies

Smoothies are an all-time favorite among kids and adults alike. When your party dinner has still a lot of time to go, a smoothie will keep your guests full for long.

welcome drink

Fruit smoothies like Banana Smoothie with yogurt are popular among adults, while flavored milk ones like Chocolate smoothie or Vanilla Smoothie please the Tiny Tots a lot.

welcome drink

4.Fresh Fruit juice

Who doesn’t like a big glass of fresh fruit juice on a hot day? Entertain your guests by putting up the best seasonal fruit drinks forward with choices like Orange, Mango , Grape, Pineapple, Watermelon, etc.


welcome drink

5. Cold coffee / Iced Tea

Instant coffee mixed with Ice cubes and Milk in a blender, the cold coffee is a teenagers favorite.

welcome drink
Also, the lemony chilled Ice tea with decocted Tea, Ice cubes and lemon juice with a sprig of mint is the perfect drink to serve on a hot day.


welcome drink

6. Go Desi

In a party with full Indian flavor, with all the Biryanis, and Tikkas, and gravies, one expects an Indian Beverage too. Why not go for the humble Masala Chaas– Buttermilk made from plain Yogurt spiced with Green chilies and garnished with coriander.


welcome drink
Also, for the adults in the house, a good cup of hot Tea, or freshly brewed coffee, to sit back and relax will also make for a good welcome drink.


welcome drink
Remember, A party without a good welcome drink is always a boring affair. A good welcome drink will not only jazz up and prepare your guests for the food to come, it will brighten their moods and add to the zing.




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