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5 Simple Tips to Keep Employees Happy & Profits Happier

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As an HR, or an Employer, you have a huge responsibility of ensuring that your employees are satisfied in the workplace. This doesn’t necessarily mean Salary and Perks. You can also keep employees happy by treating them occasionally to an unexpected Gift.

It is really important to keep the workers enthusiastic and committed to their work. Productivity levels can go up and down depending on how employees feel engaged and appreciated.

You can follow these simple tricks to keep employees happy and perform better.

Give Constructive Criticism:

A little praise can go a long way in boosting the employee’s Morale. When you see them performing better, a few words of appreciation will swell them with Pride. They will perform even better wanting more of your good opinion.

Expose them to new Responsibilities:

Dedicated employees are always up for challenges. Pose them with new and exciting opportunitiesĀ to showcase their talent. Bring out their hidden potentials and give them a variation from their monotonous routine work.

Improve the Working Environment:

Make the workplace positive in terms of encouraging new ideas. Listening to what employees have to offer is going to make them feel valued and trusted. Ask for their opinions when making an important decision regarding a company-wide decision.

Indulge in Team Building:

Team building is very necessary for enhancing the social dynamics of the company. Mingle with your employees in a relaxed atmosphere to increase the sociability. Engagement happens from both sides of the fences.

Treat them to Occasional Surprises:

A monthly luncheon, a dinner party at festivals, an outing, retreats, and social activities are some of the things you can do to keep your employees happy.

Cookifi arranges for special Employee lunches/dinners and provides for Snack boxes and Thalis for outdoor events.

keep employees happy


Happier employees mean more profit. Treat your employees with dignity and respect. This, in turn, will build relationships. Ensure they have a good work-life balance.

And remember the solution to almost all problems can be found in FOOD. So don’t wait, just COOKIFI.





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