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10 Delicious and Devourable desserts for pre-wedding events

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Desserts for pre-wedding functions 

They say marriages are made in heaven, but how do you rejoice them on earth? With desserts off course. Desserts sweeten up the celebration with their flavor and add to the euphoria.

Here are 7 such amazing desserts that you can serve at your Haldi, Mehendi, Roka, Sagai, Shagun, Sangeet and more:



desserts for pre-wedding

This Bengali recipe is a sure shot delight. What sets it apart from the rest of the desserts is its use of Jaggery. It also has hints of coconut in it. It is a milk-based rice pudding.



desserts for pre-wedding

Give your usual Gajar Halwa a miss and opt for Carrot kheer in its place. Trust me you won’t be disappointed. A milky creamy preparation that is going to make your celebration extra special.



desserts for pre-wedding

This is a fairly popular dessert which is well-known for its use of Greek yogurt technique. Shrikhand too like pudding can be introduced to an array of flavors and tweaked to delight the taste buds. Here, you can see fresh Mango pulp added to shrikhand, which gives it a mesmerizing color and a fruity flavor.



desserts for pre-wedding

This south Indian delight is a great option for the desserts for pre-wedding functions. Made with boiled milk, dry fruit and the choice of base ingredient can vary. Some people like Payasam with rice, while others prefer it with vermicelli, tapioca pearls or semolina.



delicious diwali desserts

This is a fusion between two of the most flavorful Indian sweet dishes. Malpua is a small pancake made with Khoya and All purpose flour. Rabri is thickened sweetened milk having layers of malai or cream in it. It’s flavored with cardamoms, saffron, and dry fruits.



delicious diwali desserts

A South Indian delight, this one is made from Semolina. Sweet plump raisins and lusciously thick cashews make this adorable golden yellow delicacy a must serve at your pre-wedding events.



delicious diwali desserts

The easy to make classic recipe is a one-stop solution for all your dessert worries. You can have a dozen or more ready for the guests who participate in the pre-wedding functions



delicious diwali desserts

This royal delicacy, is in the true sense, a food fit for gods. Lusciously thick condensed milk coated on to sweet fried bread, decorated with the choicest of dry fruits.


RABRIDelicious Diwali desserts

Thickened and sweetened Milk dessert which is set into glasses, and served Chilled. Not only is the taste mesmerizing, the presentation of it can be beautiful and aesthetic too. What better than Rabri to serve to your guests and enjoy yourself too.



Delicious Diwali desserts

A quick sweet recipe which is made with a handful of ingredients and semolina, coconut, sugar, milk/ghee. This sweet dish is perfect for feeding the bride and groom during the various rasams.


Do you have any other ideas for desserts for pre-wedding? If so, tweet to us at Cookifiapp and we will include them on our list.

Make your wedding a tad bit more special by introducing the magic of Cookifi’s delicious desserts for pre-wedding.




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