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Weight Loss Myths: 10 things you were lead into believing

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Weight loss myths that lead you into believing you will lose weight 

We’ve all been there and done that. Read about a FAD diet? Immediately started starving. Did someone say to skip carbs? Readily opted for Keto. What we all forget is to chillax, and take weight loss one step at a time. Be equipped with the right information on your weight loss journey to achieve a sustainable result.

First of all, I would like to start off with pretty much a well-known fact which is brushed away. You should never aim for weight loss, as the numbers on the scale do not constitute how healthy you are. Weight can roughly be divided into muscle, fat and water. Aiming for Fat loss or reducing the overall body fat percentage is the right way to lose weight.

So to help you out on a healthy weight loss journey, here are some of the weight loss myths- BUSTED.


I eat so I become Fat

weight loss myths


That’s a big LOL right there. What you eat is who you are. Replace those cheesy meat-laden burgers with healthy replacements such as a fresh whole wheat beetroot falafel burger and see how the calories instantly drop. Eat what is right and not just every other thing you get your hands on.


An XYZ diet will make me lose weight

There is no magic miracle diet out there to make you lose weight. Weight loss, and fat loss, to be more precise, is a time taking process. It is about how you make a healthy diet a part of your lifestyle. Weight loss through diets is temporary, healthy dieting will give long-term changes.


Starvation will reduce my calories

Noooooo, that’s incorrect. In fact, starvation makes you fat. Your body is programmed to lose water when you starve, but will never even think of approaching those sleeping fat cells. Instead, after starvation, the very first thing you put in your mouth will be stored as more fat.


I can’t eat tasty food on a weight loss journey

weight loss myths


Now that’s the biggest weight loss myth ever. Some of the most tastiest dishes are those which are equally healthy. Choose leaner meats and fresh organic ingredients. Include high protein dishes with chicken, fish, and Tofu.


My cardio/Walk/jog is sufficient

Cardio exercises are just to warm your body up and get your body off the couch. Opt to introduce your body to high-intensity interval training. Do more bodyweight exercises and add to the challenge by using weighted equipment.


Diet food will help me loose

weight loss myths


The products which are marketed with a label saying Fat-free, low-fat, no sugar- are misleading. Marketers trick you into believing that these are good for you. Only a healthy diet which has a good amount of protein and moderate healthy carbs and fats is good for you.


Weight loss should only go on a downward scale

Weight fluctuations are normal, sometimes the body tends to retain more water, sometimes less. It’s the Fat percentage you have to monitor.


All calories are equal, no matter where they come from

weight loss myths


Protein and carbohydrates both contain 4 calories per gram, while fat provides 9 calories per gram. Choose wisely.


Weight loss supplements help you lose weight

There’s a whole billion dollar industry out there that tricks you into believing diet pills will be effective. Hard to break this to you, but sadly, the side effects that come with these magic pills are more than the benefits reaped.


I will lose equal weight every month

Metabolism decides how much you lose. As we get closer to our goal weight, the struggle to lose weight becomes harder.


Know of any other weight loss myths that need to be busted? Tweet to us at cookifiapp using hashtag #weightlossmyths. Till then, happy eating!



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