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How to Celebrate Women’s day in Office?

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She can so we can! More often than not, the efforts of the women in our workforce are neglected or given less importance then they deserve. This International Women’s day, show the women in your office, that you care, and their contribution matters. Celebrate women’s day in office to recognize and applaud their efforts.

Here’s how you can make the empresses of your workplace feel special:


Send an E-mail to your staff to raise awareness:

Call all your male co-workers to plan the event and come forward with their best ideas. Involve everyone in the execution of things and come up with vlogs and funny messages for the women they share space with.


A heartfelt welcome message:

Celebrate Women's day in Office

On the morning of the International Women’s day, secretly have one of your staff place a women’s day wishing card or note on the desk’s and computers of all the female employees in the organization.


Applaud the efforts of some amazing women employees:

After the necessary morning tasks take out an hour or half to gather everyone around and highlight few important women from your team and applaud their contributions and efforts. Speak about how having them has made a difference.


Delight the ladies with a special lunch:

Celebrate Women's day in Office

Food is undoubtedly one of the best rewards. Have the women of your office enjoy a special meal, with dishes of their choice. Set up a live counter to make it more exciting.


Gift them a token of appreciation:

A small ceramic mug with thier name on it, or fresh flowers. Anything that can put a smile on their faces.


Watch a TED talk by an inspiring woman:


Celebrate Women's day in Office

Watching a TED talk given by a woman will not only make you realise their imporatance in the house hold and workforce, it will also make you realise women’s worth and abilities. Make this a group activity.


Some music to tap your feet:

End the day with some soulful or peppy music to dance to. Even better, know someone who plays a musical instrument? Ask them to deligfht the females with some melodious thank yous.


These were some ideas on how to celebrate women’s day in office. Know of some more? Then comment below or tweet your ideas to us at Cookifiapp and we will surely include them on our list.

Happy women= Better economy



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