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How to avoid Junk when attending parties?

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The caviar seems interesting, and the cake is inviting too. The grilling pieces of meat on the skewers is catching your eye every now and then, and the Gajar ka Halwa fills your lustrous eyes and wants to be in your tummy? Hello dieters, we know how hard it can be to resist those temptations and cravings, but here’s the catch: If you are trying to avoid junk when attending parties, you need to be prepared like a soldier before the battle:

Here are 10 tips on how to avoid Junk when attending parties and events:


Reduce Portion Sizes

Choose a smaller plate. It really helps. Be mindful of how many portions of Fats and carbs are there to balance your proteins out. Chicken and Fish are great healthy options. Eat only as much as your calorie budget allows for.


Make the Salad counter your home

Oh come on, they aren’t really that bad. Try experimenting with flavors. And stay away from the deceiving Russian Salad. Pssst.. here’s a secret, carry a small sachet of oregano in your Purse.


Soups are great too


avoid Junk when attending parties

Soups are just hot water, with a few ingredients. They fill you up real soon and therefore you don’t feel like eating anything after that. However, be careful of calorie-rich soups like mutton shorbas and the Nalli Soup


Use lime water to clean up

Beware, this doesn’t wash out everything you gorge on happily. It is just a method to cleanse excess toxic elements if any and Improve your digestion.


Water is your best friend

Fill yourself up with lots of water before you approach the meal table. This way you’ll lose half your appetite and will subsequently eat less.


Eat healthy in advance

This is a great trick if you have a party which you cannot avoid at any cost and fear the spread of delicacies. Eat healthy at home before leaving so you won’t be tempted and even if you will, you will eat only a small size.


Remember your goals

When thinking about digging into the calorific treats, stop and think of your fitness journey and your hurdles. How far you’ve come, how far you’ve got to go and what you have achieved.


Use healthy food replacements/alternatives


avoid Junk when attending parties

There are a lot of healthy foods that you can swap for the unhealthy ones. If you are a party host who has a fitness conscious crowd coming in, try substituting foods. Quinoa in place of rice and wheat pasta for regular could be good places, to begin with.


Weigh your choices

Opt for a 300 calorie meal instead of a 600 calorie one and a 100 calories snack for a 250 calorie one. It’s all about making the right choice.


Leave early

The more you stay at the party, the more you’ll be lured to treat your taste buds. Leave when you feel you can’t handle the temptations.


These were some of our tips on how you can avoid junk when attending parties. Know of some more? Write to us at cookifiapp on facebook or twitter, or leave us a comment below. Happy Partying!



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