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Lactose-intolerant? 6 Vegetarian recipes without Paneer

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We all love a good paneer dish whenever it is served. After all the creaminess of it and the ability to soak in the flavor of the gravy and masalas makes it an apt choice for vegetarians. But what if you are lactose-intolerant? Here are 6 Non- Paneer vegetarian recipes for all occasions:

Mushroom Do Pyaza


Laced with the subtleness of mushrooms and the sweet spice of onions, mushroom do pyaaza is a Mughlai delicacy, through and through. Delicious sliced mushrooms sliced in and simmered in a spicy onion gravy. Sounds yum already!


Veggie Kofta curry


Koftas made with mixed vegetables such as green peas, potatoes, cauliflower, carrot, and cabbage are immersed in a tangy tomato gravy. The perfect recipe for an evening dinner along with some vegetable pulao and lacchha paranthas.

Spinach gravy with beetroot dumplings


This one is packed with nutrients and is a great option for healthy dinner delights. Creamy pureed spinach is adorned with little dumplings of grated beetroot. Best served alongside some hot boiled rice and crisp rotis.

Baingan curry


If you have a liking for brinjals, then you’d most definitely enjoy the classic Indian Brinjal curry. A subtle amount of spices, smooth gravy, and relishable brinjal taste makes it a must-have with pooris and rotis.

Sarson da Saag


A Punjabi delicacy that is often paired with delicious corn flatbreads or makke ki roti. Sarson ka saag or the mustard leaves gravy is one which will leave your taste buds in awe of its pungency.

Aloo tamatar gravy


A hot and delicious curry made with tomatoes and potatoes, it’s the perfect accompaniment for your deep-fried pooris. Spicy, robust and laced with the aroma of tangy tomatoes.


Do you have any other Indian vegetarian recipes for lactose-intolerant people? If yes, then comment below or write to us at Cookifiapp. Happy eating!



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