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5 Delicious Italian Indulgences for the Weekend

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The weekend calls for some delicious indulgences and staying away from the calorie counters. And what better than Italian food to spoil yourself ! Be it the quintessential pasta, Pizza or Bruschettas. There’s something for everyone to explore. Here are 5 delicious Italian delights you should dig into this weekend.

A platterful of Bruschettas

delicious Italian

Bruschettas are a very versatile element and there’s absolutely no end to the amount of variations you can have with them. Start out with some basic Cherry tomato and basil, go on and introduce pesto sauces meats and more. You can just play around with the best bruschetta toppings and have a fun-filled meal.

A slice of Pizza

delicious Italian

Pizza is the ultimate Italian indulgence. Whether baking at home or ordering online, you can go extravaganza with the choice of your toppings. As it is a  weekend, spoil yourself with some extra cheese. Make it extra meaty or extra veggy, all depends on what you fancy.

A plateful of Pasta

delicious Italian

Pasta is one delicious Italian indulgence which defines the meaning of comfort food for me. And why not, the sauces and the herb and veggie toppings, the melt in your mouth texture, and the wafting aroma of the garlic bread, make pasta a wholly satisfying meal on its own.

A twirl of Spaghetti

delicious Italian

Spaghetti is the numero uno Italian dish that comes to mind when you think of bursting flavors. The chewy goodness of the minced mutton, the fullness of meatballs and the tanginess from the tomato sauce. One can’t simply resist Spaghetti with meatballs on a weekend brunch.

A dash of Pannacotta

delicious Italian

Why leave your table incomplete without dessert? A delicious Italian indulgence which is creamy, smooth and mesmerizing to the palate. Pannacotta is every bit the heavenly goodness you’d want to end your meal with.


What Italian dish brings out the smile in you? Tweet to us at Cookifiapp or comment below. Happy brunching, folks!



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