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6 Desserts for Eid you should totally dig into

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Eid is just around the corner and we are all excited about which dessert should make it to our dining tables. After all, Eid is all about spreading joy and sweetness. After a month-long fasting in Ramadan and so many well lit Iftaar parties, Eid is the most coveted celebration to look out for. Here are 6 desserts for eid to serve your friends and family:

Gulab Jamoon

desserts for eid

You can never go wrong with these little balls of joy. Gulab Jamoons seem to entice our taste buds each time we dig into their soft, doughy, sweet and firm spherical bodies. With the rosy sugar syrup to transport you to Nirvana stage, they are a must have at your Eid celebration.

Shahi Tukra

desserts for eid

A Mughlai delicacy to decisively lure you into the lanes of Lucknow. Soft, nutty and creamy, with Luscious texture. Shahi Tukda is one piece of heaven sent down to earth. Fried bread dipped in cream and condensed milk, garnished with a handful of chopped Almonds and Pistachios.

Malpua Rabdi

desserts for eid

Fragrant with Ghee, creamy with Khoya, Subtle with Saunf  (fennel) – Malpua Rabdi is a classic sweet dish. One that you do not have everyday, but once you have it, you go back to the last time you had it with sweet tinglings on your tongue. The nuts and Rabdi( cooked cream) garnish make it a fine indulgence.

Gajar ka Halwa

desserts for eid

Going back to the classics with this one. Gajar ka halwa is something we have fond memories of. Grated carrots cooked in sweet spices, aromatic ghee, and creamy yet coarse Khoya and garnished with raisins and nuts. Served warm with a scoop of Vanilla Ice cream to complement its beautiful color.

Carrot Kheer

desserts for eid

Give your usual Gajar Halwa a miss and opt for Carrot kheer in its place. Trust me you won’t be disappointed. A milky creamy preparation that is going to make your taste buds dance in joy.


desserts for eid

Apart from the usual sewaiyyan, kheer made with rice granules is also a much sought-after option for eid. Its milky goodness and creamy texture is not worth missing.


Did you like these desserts for eid? Try one of them out this eid and don’t forget to throw your big Eid bash with Cookifi. Eid Mubarak!



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