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Best Italian Bruschettas to please the crowd

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Bruschetta pronounced (Bruh-Skett-Aa) is an Italian starter which has gained some serious popularity over the years, owing to its pleasing taste and simple choice of ingredients. Bruschettas are bread, grilled with olive oil, and they usually contain the mix of vegetables, Herbs and meat as their toppings.

Bruschettas are loved by Guests and its easy to customize the toppings which makes it as a nice option for live counters. The crispness of the toasted bread, the aroma and taste of the olive oil, the freshness and crunch of the vegetables and the juicy meat make it a delectable starter.

Bruschettas come in many different variations, and not everyone is fond of the same Bruschetta. Here are a  few ideas on what would be a good Bruschetta choice for a House Party.

  1. Bruschetta Tomato Basil: Sweet ripe seasonal cherry tomatoes are mixed with Basil leaves, seasoned with salt and pepper and topped on the bread toasted with extra virgin olive oil. Some vinegar is drizzled to make it a perfect blend of sour, savoury and sweet.

    Bruschetta Tomato Basil

  2. Bruschetta Herbed Mushroom: The warm slice of Baguette is topped with the freshest Mint Sauteed Mushrooms and Chilly flakes are sprinkled to give it a hint of spice and a contrast to the sweet taste of the Mushrooms.

    Bruschetta Herbed Mushroom

  3. Bruschetta Caponata: Caponata is a mixture of Aubergines( brinjals), onion, and Celery and raisins that is cooked and then topped on the slice of Baguette, the sweet and sour taste of the caponata sauce and its combination with the olive oil is what makes this Bruschetta recipe a treat for the taste buds.

    Bruschetta Caponata

  4. Bruschetta Barbequed Chicken: This is one recipe hit recipe for grilled food lovers, a spicy chicken cooked in BBQ sauce is roasted over hot coals and  placed on the crisp baguette, chopped spring onions and cheese are sprinkled from above to make it one huge Mouth-watering delicacy.

    Bruschetta BBQ Chicken

  5. Bruschetta Herbed chicken: This is a meaty twist to the Mushroom Version, chunks of chicken are cooked in a creamy sauce, and put on the bread, also a drizzle of chilly oil on top makes it a spice lovers delight. It is also garnished with Mozzarella and Cilantro to give it a fresh kick.

    Bruschetta Herbed Chicken

  6. Bruschetta Pesto chicken:  Everyone loves a nice Pesto Sauce in their pastas, but how about having the same on your Bruschetta? The Chicken and the Vegetables are mixed into the Pesto Sauce with little chunks of garlic and Mozzarella. Sounds yum, and tastes marvelous too.

    Bruschetta Pesto Chicken

Bruschetta is a slice of good taste and good health combined onto a piece of bread. The fact that it is so well loved, is it that it is a lighter option in the rich Italian cuisine. So make sure to have this simple yet divine treat to your guests at your next House party.



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