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10 tips to follow when eating around the world.

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The cultural mannerisms regarding food are as diverse as the delicacies the world has to offer. There are certain food etiquettes followed by certain nationalities. So if you are a traveler and a foodie, you’d probably be aware of these 10 tips to follow when eating around the world.


Never stick your chopsticks Upright: Upright chopsticks symbolize a funeral. Usually, when a person dies, their bowl is kept beside them with two upright chopsticks. So always remember to keep your chopsticks parallel to the edge of the table.


Never eat with your left hand: Left hand is used to attend to bodily functions. So, always use your right hand, because Indians consider food holy.


Shake the coffee cup before handing it back to the server( or you will get an unwanted refill)


Never drink a cappuccino post afternoon: Cappuccino is meant for mornings and upsets your stomach if you have it post lunch. An espresso may still do.


Never eat tacos with knife and fork: Well there’s no fun in eating tacos without getting your hands dirty.


Never flip the fish: Well this one is funny but true. You cannot flip a fish to eat on the other side. Either discard the down half or remove the central bone and dig in.


Never eat your bread as an appetizer: Bread is meant to be eaten as an accompaniment to the cheese course at the end of your meal.


Never eat with your hands in Chile: Not fries, not anything. Forks and knives are meant to be used for everything that you eat.


Never forget lifting your glass to receive a drink ( especially from an older person): It is considered as a sign of respect to lift your glass with both hands as you receive your drink.


Never mix or turn down Vodka in Russia: You always drink neat — and no, not even with ice. Adding anything is seen as polluting the drink’s purity and turning down a drink is a sign of disrespect.


LOL.. these were some of the weird food customs we’ve seen around the world. Do you know any other tips to follow when eating around the world? Leave us a comment below or tweet to us at Cookifiapp. Happy traveling!

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