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5 continental starters for that big birthday bash

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Organising Birthday parties can be great work. From planning the food to deciding the decoration, one needs to work around a lot of ideas. If you are hosting a birthday party for a friend soon, and are looking for some amazing continental starters then here’s the deal. Here are some super delicious starters that will instantly add a zing to your party:


continental starters

Canapes are the perfect starters for any party. They are crisp, saucy and so very tasty. There are so many variations in Canapes like Chicken, Prawn, and cocktail. Canapes are a great finger food to keep the party going.

Chicken Wings 

continental starters

Also called as Buffalo wings, Chicken Wings are lip-smackingly delicious and are a sure shot hit at any party. They are usually popular at parties with drinks. Though most people like the usually crumbly wings, some of them may find the BBQ sauce variant tastier.

Deviled Eggs
continental starters

Snack packed with protein, Behold the Deviled Eggs! They are a classic starter for house parties. With creamy stuffing from the mixture of boiled egg yolks, mayonnaise, salt and pepper, and a sprinkling of Paprika and freshly cut olives.


continental starters

Satays are the ultimate appetizer choice for house parties. Served with some peanut sauce, they are full of flavor, and color. Coming from the Thai cuisine, they are heavy on the taste element. Satays can be made with Tofu, Baby corn, and Chicken

Cheese balls

continental starters

Just stick a toothpick in them and serve, easy to make, and loved by all. The Cheese balls are wonderfully tasty. There are quite a few variants in cheese balls like

  • Corn cheese balls
  • Potato cheese balls
  • Garlic Chicken cheese balls

A piece of cheese is put in the center before frying the balls.


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