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Misconceptions about potatoes & Why they are good for you

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Our favourite veggie potato always comes under the scanner for being a carb-rich fattening vegetable. Here are some misconceptions about potatoes that need to be cleared, so you could enjoy this little delight in your recipes, without any guilt.

Myth #1: Potatoes are fattening and increase the numbers on your scale

Blame it on the extra cheesy fries you’ve been eating. Potatoes aren’t fattening at all. It’s how you cook them and in what portions are they consumed that matters. So next time you’re craving for some salted chips, just airfry them. A 100-gram potato has as less as 77 calories.misconceptions about potatoes

Myth #2: Potatoes have bad carbohydrates that gives you belly fat

Let’s face it. We all need energy to get through the day and carbs provide us with that energy. Potatoes can actually aid in weight management if you add them to good recipes such as the potato salad. This way you can level up the carbs and fibre.

Myth #3: Potatoes have a high GI ( glycemic index)

Some potatoes may have a higher glycemic index as compared to other. It all depends on the produce. The factors that influence the glycemic index in potatoes include processing and preparation; variety, origin and maturity. So the final take home: Not all potatoes have a high GI.

misconceptions about potatoes

Myth #4: Deskin the potato and you’ll lose all the nutrients

Skinned or not, potatoes have fairly the same nutritional value. The only difference the skin makes is to the fibre content which goes from 2g to 1g. The valuable Vitamin C and Potassium are only in the flesh. So skin on or off is completely your choice.

Myth #5: Sweet potatoes are better and healthier than normal potatoes

Sweet potatoes have their own nutritional properties while white potatoes have their own. While the former is rich in fibre and vitamin a, white potatoes have more magnesium and iron.

misconceptions about potatoes

Myth #6: Potatoes are just empty calories

No, potatoes are more than just empty calories. White potatoes are incredibly nutrient dense with 3g of protein, 620mg of potassium, 2 g of fibre, 45% DV of vitamin C, 10% DV of vitamin B6, plus ZERO sodium, ZERO fat and only 110 calories

These were some of the misconceptions about potatoes that are now debunked. Tell us your favourite Indian potato recipe in the comments below or tweet to us at Cookifiapp. Happy eating!

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