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Delightful dishes to Spice up your IPL Evenings

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IPL is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to see our favorite teams battle it out for the coveted title. The Indian Premier League is now completing  10 years, but the excitement of the fans has only multiplied four-folds. And why not? Three things we Indians are crazy about are Bollywood Movies, Cricket and Scrumptious food.

IPL sparks a lot of craze and excitement, as it brings together friends and families, and bonds people of different nationalities. No matter who we support at the end of the day it is India that wins. But, have you ever thought that while you sit enjoying the match and cheer for your favorite team , the ladies of the house are busy preparing stuff to devour.

Well not anymore, when you have a chef from Cookifi to cook you your favorite delicious snacks, the ladies can sure enjoy the wickets and cheer for the sixes. Wondering what options would be great to munch on the go, here we have a curated a list of the best ones to keep you yelling “Howwzzat !!!”

  1. The Daredevil Spring Rolls: The humble crispy and crunchy deep fried Spring Rolls become instantly daredevil when served with Hot and sweet chilli sauce, a treat for spice lovers.   IPL
  2. The Royal Challenging Cheese Balls: There is nothing Royal about them but it is a Challenge to keep your hands off them. You can have either the corn cheese balls, the Jalapeno and Pineapple cheese balls or the Meat Balls  with sweet chilli sauce.IPL
  3. The Roaring TikkasThis one is for all the lions out there who are fond of Tikkas and Grills, our highly flavorful Achari Paneer Tikka, is a delectable starter. Served with tangy Mint chutney those strategic time outs are going to get spicier and interesting.IPL
  4. The Aamchi Vada Paavs: What better than a Vada Pav to celebrate that crucial wicket. Taste  the earthy flavors of Maharashtra in the Spicy Potato Dumplings , served with Garlic Chutney and Bombay Buns. IPL
  5. The Knight Riding Fish FingersWhen the expression on the umpire’s face looks fishy, grab these Fish fingers and appeal for a not out. Deep fried and served with Mayo/Ketchup, their taste is sure to get you in high spirits.


  6.  The King like Chicken LollipopsEnjoy the smashing century and the big hits of your favorite players, with a plateful of Chicken lollipops, an Indian alternative to the classic hot wings, this one will heighten the excitement. Served in Schezwan hot sauce, it will be hard to keep your hands off them.IPL
  7. The SuperGiant Misal Pav: Lots of Farsan, soft Buttered Buns and a savoury Gravy that will make you lick the plate clean. This one will rise both your happiness and the energy to cheer your team.IPL
  8. The Timeout Drinks: The game is in a vulnerable state and the umpire declares a strategic time out, your throat is going dry with nervous wait and all the cheering. So grab the Mojitos, Cool Blues and Desi Thandai and don’t stop the euphoria.IPL
  9. The Celebratory Sunrising Biryani: Its finally time to rejoice the win of your team, with a scrumptious Biryani, cooked with spices and meat to Perfection.IPL
  10. The Take it Home Dessert: What is celebration, if it isn’t sweet? Indulge in a little Gulab jamoon or a bowl of Gajar Ka halwa, to relive the winning shot and spread the cheer.

    Gulab Jamoon

So this IPL season dont just stick to the remote and Maggi, have fun with your buddies and indulge in some great food to compliment that.



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