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How to Have an Elegant Anniversary Celebration

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An Anniversary is a positive day of celebration that allows the couple to step back from the daily grind, and remember a moment that changed their lives together. An Anniversary is simply an opportunity when a husband can express those feelings to his wife, and show her that he puts her as the number one priority in his life.

Anniversaries are beautiful reminders of expression of Love, Fondness and Admiration, celebrating such a key milestone in your life, strengthens the relationship, and infuses Positivity and endurance. Anniversary

When it comes to Anniversaries, all we think is of Expensive Dinners, Hallmarked cards, and Pricey Chocolates. But, that doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy an anniversary on a budget. There are some sure fire ways in which you can celebrate each others company without burning holes in your wallet.

  1. Express your Love in a Handmade Card– Feelings are best expressed when written down, make a beautiful card or ask someone creative to help you make it.anniversary
  2. Dine at Home– Dinners can be quite expensive these days, after a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is get stuck in traffic, order food from a nice local restaurant,or a service like Cookifi will help you hire chefs for a day, so you can have them cook anything as you like.
  3. Decorate your Bedroom or House– Why should all the fun be restricted to that first night of your wedding? Splurge a little or go freestyle and decorate your room with metallic balloons, streamers and some fresh flowers.anniversary
  4. Play a Mix tape of your favorite Songs– You both might like two completely different artists or genres, but hasn’t there been at least one song which you both find soothing and comforting. Make a mix tape of such songs and do a couple dance to their tune.
  5. Go on a Long Drive– This will give you time to connect, go somewhere outskirts of the town and explore an unknown cafe, an undiscovered food or go visit your parents, who better than parents to bless you on your milestone. anniversary
  6. Set up a table for two on your Terrace– Terraces have the perfect ambiance, cool air, a sky lit with thousands of stars, minimal lighting, it is very pleasing to enjoy a good meal on the terrace of your house.
  7. Set up your Sleeping arrangement on your Terrace– Why stop at food, you can also take up some blankets, pillows and mats to set up a cosy sleeping space on your terrace. It is a great way to unwind and talk about your Future while gazing at the stars. anniversary
  8. Record a Video message– A short video in which you open up and appreciate what you love about your spouse.
  9. Have someone Cook for you– Give your Wife a break from the kitchen and call a chef from Cookifi to do the cooking instead, utilize the time to indulge in some other activity. Anniversary
  10. Play exciting games– Games are a great way to have fun, blow up balloons with rolled chits, let the chits contain messages of love. Google and find out some other fun games.
  11. Go out for a Walk– An idea which is both Romantic and healthy, take a long stride in the park, or go seaside, walk under the shade of trees hand in hand, and talk your heart out. Anniversary
  12. Have your own Personal Photoshoot – It could be either one picture or a set of pictures. Just imagine, Taking anniversary photos every year and then seeing them after 3 decades, to realize how soon the time has passed.
  13. Give Thoughtful Gifts– Some people just buy expensive gifts without giving a single thought to how the gift can add value. Gift your spouse something that they will use everyday, something that connects you emotionally ex: A prayer mat, A watch, An extra pillow etc. Anniversary
  14. Watch your favorite Movie together(or your wedding DVD)– Get cozy in front of the idiot box, Rent a classic favorite, or watch a movie of a different language, you can reminisce the lovely moments of your wedding by watching the Wedding DVD. Keep a tissue box handy.
  15. Eat lovely Food– You must have heard of the phrase “The way to a mans heart is through his stomach” . The same holds good for women too. At least on your anniversary eat what you love, eat to your hearts content and forget about the Diet for just a day. Anniversary

So, these were the ways in which one could celebrate Anniversaries, by not going too overboard. The key is to enjoy each others presence and cherish all the steps in your journey.

What are your surefire ideas to celebrate anniversaries, let me know in the comments.



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