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5 Fun Things You can do on this Long Weekend

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India is a land of great surprises! With so many Indian festivals coinciding or falling during the long weekend, it gives us a break from the daily mundane life to discover and explore new things to do, or meet long lost buddies.

Apart from celebrating the festival, you can utilize the holiday for a great bunch of other things you’ve been wanting to do since long. It could be anything from catching up with friends to trying a new restaurant with your family

We’ve put up 5 great ideas that can help you spend the long weekend in a fun manner, rest assured you wouldn’t get bored.

Eat, eat, eat

long weekend

Wanted to be the foodie wandering in search of new dishes and places to eat? Take this long weekend as an excuse to explore all the good eateries in your city. From five stars to food streets, every place has a new thing to offer. Try Cookifi dishes too, for they might be able to lure you into their taste.

Go shopping

How long has it been since you left those flip-flops at the counter and never got back to buy them? This weekend, take it as an excuse to go shop for your favorite accessories and clothes. You can even buy stuff for your home and re-decor your house. The options are plenty and all you need is a few good bucks.

Go Outdoors

long weekend


Get off your butt, go out and explore things to do. there are a lot of activities which will energize you and lift your spirits. Trekking, water sports, and camping are just a few of the many fun activities. Try Go-karting, paintball, and if you are a family person, a trip to the resort won’t hurt.

House Partying

Long weekend

So if you are the kind of person who wants to take this weekend to relax and cozy up at home, then you can sure do that as well. You don’t have to go out with friends.  Instead call them home, with great food from Cookifi and some dance-worthy tracks you can definitely make your house party a hit.

Plan a Movie Marathon

Long weekend

Wanting to catch a good flick since long? Now is the best time! A trilogy like the Dark Night or the Saw series if you have the heart to watch. Any good movie with friends, family or just you and BAE would provide the much-needed relaxation. Where’s the food?


All in all, make your weekend an excuse to bond with friends and family. In the mundane life of every day, we often forget to enjoy the little things in life. What are your ideas for a great long weekend? Share them with us in the comments or tweet to us at Cookifiapp.



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