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5 best Thandai recipes for your next Holi Party

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Holi is one of the most fun-filled Indian festivals. Not just the colors, the thing that garners a lot of attention on Holi is the delicious Thandai. Wondering what Thandai you can serve on Holi? Here are some colorful and delicious Thandai recipes for your next Holi party:

The Royal Thandai

Thandai recipes

This is the most popular Thandai which is made with a concoction of milk and sweet spices. Cannabis ( bhaang) is an optional element added to give the sweet drink an intoxicating flavor.

Thandai with a Twist


Thandai recipes

When flavors like Badam, Pista, kesar etc. are added to the normal Thandai, it makes it a tad bit special. The addition of dry fruits not only gives in more aroma and flavor, it also makes the drink more nutritious and filling.

Mango Delight

Thandai recipes


Regular Thandai is spiked with a wee bit of mango syrup, to give it a tangy twist. Even better, If holi falls in peak summers, you can add actual crushed ripe mango to the drink and experience a more natural flavor.

The Angelic Thandai

Thandai recipes


We call it angelic, because this one is a beauty. Rose Thandai is not only a treat for the eyes but also for the taste buds. Fresh Gulkand/ rose essence is added to the already so gorgeous thandai, to give it a mesmerizing flavor and color.

Coco Mania Thandai

Thandai recipes


This one is a delight for the kids. We all know how the little ones are mad for chocolates. So why not slip in some Coco powder into the good old Thandai. You will get full marks for being a good mama/papa. This can also be a particularly good choice when elders in the house are having thandai spiked with bhaang and kids ask for something special.


Bring in the Gulaal and fry those pakoras until they are a little more golden! Have any other interesting ideas for Thandai recipes? If yes, then tweet to us at Cookifiapp or leave a comment below. Happy Holi!



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