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Republic day Special: How to bring a Patriotic flavor into your food?

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Republic day special: This Republic day, let us celebrate the diverse Indian flavors on your plate. We are inviting you to a challenge where your palate will explore all of India at once, so sit back and tie your seatbelts as we take you on an exciting culinary adventure.


From the earthy Kashmiri flavors in the Roghan josh to the spicy kick of the Patiala murgh, North Indian delights work wonders to make your mouth water.

Republic day special

Kadhai Chicken

Indulge in a plate of Achari Tikka or let the flavors of the Lucknowifi Gilafi kebab invigorate your senses. This part of India is  Food heaven and will have you coming back for more and more.

Take away: Butter chicken and Aloo ke parathe


The Western part of India is full of promising flavors. From the Daal Baati Churma in the desert plains of Rajasthan to the Dabeli and Khandvi in Gujarat, this region brings to us delectable delights and sumptuous treats.

Republic day special

Daal Baati Churma

The decadent and deep-rooted Marathi cuisine gives us Amti and Pav Bhaji with sweet treats like Sheera.

Take Away: Konkani Delights in Fish and Vindaloo


Central India is home to Nawabs and Brahmins alike, and so the tastes of these central states have evolved and spread to the rest of India.

Republic day special

Zafrani Pulao

Treats like Shami kebab and Keema Pav are a real crowd pleaser, while Malai Kofta and Zafrani Pulao reign the Veg delights.

Take away: Seekh Kebabs and Malpua


East Indian states are filled with Pungent flavors and dramatic aromas. The use of robust laidback Spices like Mustard and Basil give the food a distinct taste.

Republic Day special

Chicken Kosha

Kosha, Chingri Malai, Litti chokha and Payesh are some of the flavors that enticed our tastebuds.

Takeaways: Thekua and Posto


It’s not just the Idli and Dosa you know about. South India is a home to umpteen regional cuisines. Karnataka alone has scrumptious food from North Kannada region, Mangalore etc.

Republic Day special

Uddin vadas

Chettinad from Tamil Nadu, Malabarian from Kerala and the Rayalaseema Cuisine from Andhra are definite crowd pleasers.

Takeaways: Hyderabadi Biryani and Haleem

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Republic day special part 1 ends here



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