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10 embarassing things not to do on Valentines Day

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10 things not to do on Valentines Day

There are tons of articles out there teaching you ways to make a card, where to buy teddies and chocolates for cheap, and what kind of promises you need to keep. But the real deal you should know is how not to spoil the Valentines Day. Here’s a list of 10 things not to do on Valentines Day and make it an embarrassment for you and your partner:

Forget the day:

First and foremost, you need to put it out there on your calendar. Most married men don’t even remember Valentine’s day. Planning to push the preparation until 14th doesn’t help.


Plan the same thing you planned last year:

things not to do on Valentines Day

Yeah, she’d have digged for those balloons and candlelight last year and the year before that. But why not spice it up a little this time? Plan for something fresh and out of the box to surprise your beloved.


Ask for favors/ Decide your own gift:

If you are a girl who’s reading this, the stop and listen. Do not ask for a gift. It’s only going to spoil the excitement. Let him gift whatever he feels like and what his pocket allows.


Try to spend way too much:

things not to do on Valentines Day

Maybe the wifey is telling you to be on a budget and saving up on the little expenses. A nice way to spoil all that is by overspending on pricey gifts and annoying the hell out of her.


Gift her utility appliances

Its the wrong time of the year to bring the new mixer grinder home. It’s Valentine’s! Though it might seem generic to gift chocolates and teddies, it is still better than going for something which doesn’t show love.


Forget to have some great food things not to do on Valentines Day

Remember, Food is Love. Don’t forget to have some yummilicious delights. Take her out to dine at her favorite restaurant or get her favorite food home, complete your dining experience with some fresh strawberries dipped in molten chocolate.


Force watch a Classic Romcom

Oh not THE NOTEBOOK again, just because its Valentines doesn’t mean you sit down with your popcorn and binge watch Rom coms together. Go out and have fun instead, take a long walk and talk about those beautiful moments you had together.


Keep checking your phone

things not to do on Valentines Day

Switch it off, please. The constant beeping and notifications will simply disturb the mood of the day. The emails can be checked later, and the likes can be done at the right time. Give your partner some undivided attention.


Give everything storebought:

things not to do on Valentines Day

Cards better be handmade and with a beautiful note inside. All it takes is one hour to do it.


Talk about your past/future

It’s a big turn off. Be it ex-girlfriends or the regrets that you have about your past, save them for a later date. On valentines day, let the talk be only about the feelings you have for your partner and how she makes you feel.


So these are some of the things not to do on Valentines Day, have some more in mind? Comment below and we will update the list. Or even better, tweet to us at Cookifiapp. Happy Partying!



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