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Why Mexican food stands out from the rest?

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Mexican food has been on my top loved cuisines list for far too long. Ever since I was a kid, the sight of Tortillas excited me, and I’d love my Sunday walks to the taco bell. Be it the spiciness, robustness, flavor or color, Mexican food has never disappointed me in its beauty:

Here are 5 Mexican delicacies that make it to my favorites:

Baked Bean Canapes

I could gorge on them endlessly, their crisp flavor, the soft yet coarse texture of the beans, the juicy tomatoes and the crunch of Parsley, makes them addictive, to say the least.

Mexican food

Prawn Shells

I am always in the mood for good seafood, and if you love it too, then there’s no reason you aren’t going to like the Prawn shells. Deliciously crisp, filled with Salsa, Guacamole, and freshly seared prawn to top it all. Sounds yum already!

Mexican food

Tortilla Soup

Soup is a must have if you want to go easy on the Mains. The Tortilla soup is lip-smackingly delicious, loaded with the goodness of Corn kernels, and gets its beautiful color from juicy tomatoes.

Mexican food

Chicken Quesadillas

I would deal my Big Mac for a chicken Quesadilla any day. Because it is that tasty. The Zesty BBQ Chicken and bell peppers set your taste buds on fire while the cheese explodes in your mouth and what results is an amalgamation of mesmerizing tastes and flavors.

Mexican food

Mexican Rice

If I am not already full with the Quesadillas, I would fill up my plate with some spicy Mexican Rice. It is the Mexican twist to the Schezwan Fried rice. It is one notch spicier and colorful, with fresh veggies to make it healthy. Served alongside some bean sauce to amp up its taste.

Mexican food

Whats your favorite Mexican delight that you can write odes to? Comment below or tweet to us at Cookifiapp. Happy Feasting!



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