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7 foods that can relieve you of Gas trouble

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Gas or bloating are common occurrences after a feast. Do you feel you’ve had too much to eat and your stomach will probably explode? Or the ball of air struck somewhere in your stomach, ribs, chest or near to the throat? Are you putting in too many efforts into getting a burp or a fart? Then here’s the deal. Here are 7  different items from your very kitchen that can relieve you of moderate to severe gas trouble.


Gas trouble

This is probably the first thing that comes to mind when facing digestion uneasiness. Simply because lemon flushes out the toxic substances out of your system and helps you relax. The excess sodium is washed out and the bloating reduces as your stomach is soothed.


Gas trouble

Ginger helps move the stuck stuff forward. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, Ginger is a good aid when facing digestive trouble. Simply sip on some ginger infused tea to help things move.


Gas trouble

Bananas help you in relieving water retention. Being high in fiber and potassium they can help bowel movement and can ease constipation and swelling.

Probiotic yogurt

Gas trouble

Probiotic yogurts are filled with stomach friendly good bacteria that help with bowel movement. It can keep your stomach cool and cleansed. It promotes gut health and can relieve you of bloating.


Gas trouble

Fennel is usually served at restaurants as a complimentary aftermeal to relieve the stress of overeating. Often heavy meals can result in digestive uneasiness. Chewing Fennel seeds or sipping fennel tea can help relax this uneasiness.

Green tea

Gas trouble

Green tea is infused with antioxidants and it has anti-inflammatory properties. A good warm cup of green tea can help reduce Gastric trouble by soothing the intestines.


Gas trouble

Cumin helps by stimulating the salivary glands which help release the necessary enzymes for digestion. A cup of hot boiled cumin water can leave you feeling relaxed and clearing the air out of your stomach.


Try out these 7 foods when you face a severe Gas trouble. For more food ideas and recipes, and the best catering service in Bangalore, logon to Cookifi. Happy eating

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