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7 Different ways to cook Eggs for Breakfast

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Eggs are one of the most versatile ingredients in your kitchen. Full of protein and necessary nutrients to keep you charged up during the day, eggs are the perfect choice for breakfast. Be it fried, poached, boiled, or scrambled eggs are natures goodness in your plate, through and through. Here are 6 of the most common ways you could cook eggs for breakfast:

Plain and simple: Fried

cook Eggs for Breakfast

A little drizzle of oil and eggs cracked into the pan with some chilli peppers. This one is super easy and fun to make and makes for a quick and easy breakfast.

Soft and creamy: Scrambled`

cook eggs for breakfast

One of our favourite recipes, known for their creamy texture. It’s an art to make good scrambled eggs. Heat butter, and add the already egg slowly churning the eggs as you go. Goes great with toast.

Full of texture: Hardboiled

cook eggs for breakfast

Health freaks prefer it hardboiled. You get all the protein you need for your workout. Plus, they taste great when sprinkled with some sea salt and crushed black peppers.

Magic on the Inside: Softboiled

cook eggs for breakfast

This one’s not for the faint-hearted. Runny yolks are an acquired taste. Well for those who like it a soft boiled yolk is a little bit of heaven soaked in the perfect shell.

Classic and elegant: Poached

cook eggs for breakfast

A classic way to cook eggs outside of their shell, albeit a little difficult. It takes a good amount of practice before you can get the perfect delight right. Use good quality vinegar for this one.

Bullseye: Sunny side up

cook eggs for breakfast

Beautiful to look at but again, the runny yolk can be a problem for many, In any case, it’s great with some toast. You crack two eggs into a pan on high flame and let the whites cook and yolks stiffen around the sides.

Colour it up: Omelette

cook eggs for breakfast

A favorite amongst kids and adults alike, omelets can never go out of fashion, throw in some cheese, and add the veggies of your choice. Serve alongside some toast for a great breakfast.

There are many more ways you could cook eggs for breakfast. Everyone has a favorite. Tell us yours in the comments below or tweet to us at Cookifiapp. Happy breakfast eating!

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