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Know your spices: 10 Indian Spices in every Kitchen

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Spices are an integral part of many cuisines around the world. They are also called as seasonings in other parts of the world, but spices are collectively those food taste enhancers which are more often than not used in savory dishes. India is rightfully called the land of spices, because the variety of Indian spices goes way beyond. Here are 10 Indian spices you will find in every kitchen:


indian spices

Zeera is a very basic addition to almost all Indian dishes. The aroma of toasted and ground zeera can invigorate your senses and add a magical touch to every dish it is added to.


indian spices

Ilaichi is a spice that can be added to both savory and sweet dishes. The fragrance of cardamom adds a mellow sweetness to every dish.

Cloveindian spices

Cloves are very powerfully flavored. They are infused with medicinal properties too. They are highly concentrated with medicinal oils. just 3 cloves will make any of your dish more tastier.

Coriander seeds

indian spices

While whole coriander adds a great citrusy flavor, to any dish, its the dhania powder which is a part of three basic spices used in every Indian dish.

Black Pepper

indian spices

One of the most robust and flavorful spice out there, which has its nativity in India. Peppercorns are extremely hard to grow and very costly and that is why they are used sparingly.


indian spices

Known as Jaiphal in Hindi, this spice is a storehouse of medicinal properties. It can soothe pain, indigestion and improve blood circulation.

Mustardindian spices

Mustard is a common spice used in South Indian food preparations. A few spluttering mustard seeds can add a rich flavor to your dish.

Turmericindian spices

Turmeric is one of the most medicinal spices available right in your masala box. An antiseptic, turmeric is known for its healing properties.

Fenugreekindian spices

Methi seeds are a frequent addition in south Indian cooking. The bitterness of the methi seeds adds an indistinct flavor into the dish.


indian spices

Hing, is one Indian spice, the aroma of which will carry forward to 10 houses away. Good for indigestion and simply giving a beautiful flavor to your Dal and curries.

What does your grandma have as a secret spice in her stash? Tell us in the comments or tweet to us at Cookifiapp. Happy eating!

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